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Colouring Human Hair Extensions

Learn How To Properly Dye Your Hair Extensions

For individuals who have opted to use hair extensions to accentuate their look, dying them to a different colour will allow you to create the exact colour tone or effect you desire. Whether you have changed your own hair colour, the hair extensions are not an exact match for your hair, or you simply wish to create an interesting two or three toned effect, applying dye to the extensions can be done safely and effectively in the comfort of your own home.

If you decide to dye your hair extensions there are some important things that you must be aware of prior to doing so.  Our colouring informational page is a great resource for individuals who wish to discover how to dye their hair extensions correctly. We cover a number of topics ranging from selecting the correct type of dye, choosing the right equipment, techniques to create two or three toned hair effects, right through to the steps involved in colouring your hair extensions safely.

Colouring Steps


Dying your hair extensions
Creating Highlight and Lowlights for your hair.
Best dyes to use on your hair


Human Har Extensions - Finding The Right Colour

Before you dye your clip hair extensions, you have to decide on a color. If you are tempted to lighten your dark hair extensions, you may want to avoid that. Instead of purchasing dark human hair and attempting to lift the color, it is a good idea to simply purchase light blonde hair and dye it your desired color.


This will essentially save you a step in the dying process, and prevent any damage to your extensions.

However if you are planning on dying your extensions a very dark color such as dark brown or black, instead of dying blonde extensions the dark color, it will be better if you purchase extensions that are already brown and dye them your desired color.

If you do decide to alter the colour of you hair extensions then make sure you dye to a darker shade and not a lighter one, as this will cause damage to the extensions. Always use a good quality semi permantent hair dye for optimal results.

This will help your clip in hair extensions to hold their color better and as a result, the color will last longer.

Many people these days prefer to buy two sets of hair extensions, each being of a different colour, and mixing them to create a layered and two toned look. This keeps the human hair in great condition and gives you the option of having one set for a straight and sleek look and the other for a curled and full bodied appearance.

Colouring Human Hair

Because different hair color reacts in different ways to different types of hair, it is imperative that you test a section of your hair extensions with your desired hair dye. This will allow you to see what the color looks like and see if it matches your natural hair. If you don't like the color, you can try another small section, and don't have to worry about coloring all of your extensions the wrong color.

For a perfect match, it is a good idea to dye your natural hair and your extensions the same color.

The best way to dye your extensions yourself is to lay trash bags and foil (yes the kind in your kitchen cabinet) out on a flat surface. After you've tested the small section of hair, grab some gloves and spread the color all over the extensions.

Once the color is on the extensions, fold the foil over the weft hair and allow the color to stay on the hair as long as the instructions suggest. Once you rinse the color, make sure you condition it so you can prevent damage.

Consult A Hair Dresser First

If you are feeling nervous about dying your hair extensions, then you should be able to take them to your stylist and have your stylist dye them for you.

This way you can ensure that they are done properly and avoid any damage occuring to the hair extensions.

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